A Michigan native, Kyle was born and raised in Boyne City and feels strong ties to his community, a feeling of which he attributes to his dad, Ron. Growing up, Kyle was able to watch his father turn Mills Financial into the successful firm it is today by working hard to form long-lasting relationships with his clients, something Kyle also values as a businessman.

Kyle, A licensed insurance professional, is diligent about getting to know his clients’ personal and professional goals before helping them formulate reliable insurance-based strategies. He sincerely cares about each and every client and strives to conduct each client-interaction sincerely and personally, going above and beyond to help ensure clients are happy and informed, even if it isn’t business related.
To Kyle, working at Mills Financial is not just business, it’s taking on the responsibility of others’ futures, and that’s not something to be taken lightly.

Kyle feels immense responsibility to his clients and therefore exercises business with the utmost integrity and honesty, each day putting himself in his clients’ shoes and making sure he would be comfortable with executing it for himself. The result: satisfied customers with strategies they can rely on.

Outside of work, Kyle enjoys being active outdoors, with his favorite activities being snowboarding, skateboarding, fishing, hunting and camping. When he’s not being an active outdoorsman, Kyle also enjoys playing video games and taking in old and new bands at concerts and music festivals.

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